Friday, October 1, 2010

New Month Resolutions

It's the first of the month so I'm taking this opportunity to make some resolutions. After yesterday's post about my recent failures I decided to just pick up my head and keep trying my best. I was rewarded with the great success of a mega salad topped with delicious curried tofu!

The mega salad has inspired me.

To have a green month! Not green as in environment/energy saving (although maybe I should do that as well) but green as in MEGA SALAD GREEN! I have made a promise to my body to make it feel better by making one meal a day a mega salad. Reasons for doing this:

1. after spending $150 at the grocery store I need to start eating cheaper. Salads are about as cheap as it gets.

2. I can utilize the end of the Farmers Market to its full extent- because Mega Salads require lots of fresh veggies on hand.

3. My body loves them!

4. While I have been mostly vegetarian for a little over a month I have not been a good vegetarian. Yes, fistfuls of vegan carob sweetened chips are vegetarian...but that doesn't mean their good for me! Salads are an easy way to make a healthy vegetarian meal, because I can easily add all the nutrients/healthy fats/protein I need to have a well rounded meal into them (I'm thinking a rainbow of veggies, beans, hummus, avocado....yummm)

So here's to a new month! Look forward to a post later today that will hopefully have a salad.

Along with that new month resolution I made another. Work. Out. No matter what it is get up and MOVE at least 5 times a week. I started today with a run, because I really craved one last night. But it was already dark out...and running alone in the dark in Minneapolis is not a healthy decision.

I let myself sleep in a little (still recovering from my sickness) and then hopped up and put on my favorite accesory. My famous running watch (yes the one that I had a breakdown about)

Then I put on my favorite running t-shirt! The Minnetonka Half Marathon was my very first half-marathon. I miraculousy met my goal time perfectly 1:55:00! It was the BEST day of my life. I felt great the entire run, and at the finish the endorphins were so strong, and I was so confident, I'm pretty sure I considered running for president.

Then I started the daunting task of finding my favorite running shoes in the walk-in closet I share with my lovely roomies....

I searched closer...

Found them! (They're the blue ones...hidden under other shoes form lack of use :( )

Then I was out the door. Not gonna lie I felt super awkward. My stride was all messed up. But I felt pretty good...for about 6 minutes. At 10 minutes my pounding sinus headache came back and I decided to head for home. I struggled but somehow I made it home in the year 2010! (haha get it? My watch timed my finish at 20.10 minutes)

I don't feel defeated at all about this run. Yes it is pitiful I couldn't run for more than 20 minutes, while struggling, when before I would look forward to 10 milers. But I haven't run for over a month, or even really exercised well. The sad truth is I let myself slip a little. And I don't like the feeling of it. The other sad thing is, I'm still sick, and a stuffy/runny nose does not go well with running. So I will enjoy an extra cup of tea and hope tomorrow I feel better so I can attempt another run.

After my run I was didn't feel like oats...I craved some lighter fare. So I decided on Kashi cereal! Yumm I love these shredded wheat squares...but I wish they weren't sweetened at all. Does Kashi have an unsweetened bran cereal? If they do I will find it...

My Kashi was enjoyed with a frined...SLOTH. (Goofy gift from the BF)

And while sitting in bed reading other food blogs...instead of in front of my wilting fall display in my messy living room.

Of course I couldn't have just plain old cereal. I topped it with banana, raisins, walnuts, and chia seeds for an extra boost!

Delish. I am headed to my hometown...aka the land of slow internet so I hope I will be able to post through the weekend...but they may be few and far between. I will try my very hardest!

Are you making any new month resolutions?

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