Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Den Hytte: North Shore Part II

Part I of my North Shore trip this past weekend shows the sights around the cottage. On Part II we said goodbye to the Cottage and went hiking at Tettegouche State Park. So beautiful!

I love the different colors of these rocks.

The BF and I were obsessed with our cameras...

See that middle rock at the top of the falls? The BF and I scrambled out there! It was fun- but I tried not to stand close to the edge!

I love how moving water photographs...

Troubled bridge over troubled waters? Haha.

Mossy water, I love how the moss waved in the water.

View from the top of the Falls.

What side of the tree is moss supposed to grow on?

I wonder if these mushrooms are edible...I should have picked some and made a new recipe!

Two Step Falls (it took about 100,000 steps to get down to these falls!!)

Love the Texture on this bark...

Uh oh looks like I was inspired by Halloween again.

I loved the challenge of getting my camera to capture the fine spider webs.

Now I just need to keep challenging my photography skills!

Of course I took some pictures of wheat/long grass.

"The Cottage"

Can't wait to visit again! Sometimes I forget how beautiful the North Shore is, every time I go I am amazed. It's only about a three hour drive away so it's nice to go on mini vacations there.

When I was little the ONLY family vacations we took were to the North Shore or to see the extended family in Michigan. We also did lots of little camping trips at places that were really close to home. We always drove and I had never seen the ocean until I begged my mom to take me in 10th grade! I guess I grew up in a low impact family :) I know it's not the most environmental thing to drive 3 hours to see nature and go hiking...but it's much better than flying across the country!

Is there a beautiful vacation spot near your home that you take for granted/forget about/love visiting? Would you consider taking a vacation there, rather than traveling a longer distance to a vacation spot that seems more romantic?

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