Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Pumpkin Carved.

It all started with a nice lil' pumpkin.

Of course I reaped the benefits of it's innards. Making pumpkin seeds, perfectly spiced with about 2 tsp of Cinnamon, 1 tsp nutmeg, 1 tsp ginger and 2 TBSP coconut oil.

I headed over to Martha Stewart for some advice and inspiration, and then I got to work.

Ten thousand hours later I was about half done... needless to say it took a bit longer than expected, and I wished for my carving tools from the ceramics studio. But I consoled myself with the thoughts "live and learn" and "there's always next year!"

I tried to take a photo of all my hard work but Sonic would have none of it. He wanted a photo opportunity first.

So I styled him next to my finished masterpiece, but still he was dissatisfied. He wanted to be the star of the show!

Scooter was content to watch the drama unfold from afar.

Finally I got Sonic to settle, after telling him his role in this play was as an extra, not the main character.

After his short performance was done Sonic exited from the show and decided the pressures of stardom were a bit much for him. He went on to do great things with his day though, including napping and begging for attention. The owl carved pumpkin had kept her cool throughout the entire dramatic display, and at last she got to take center stage. But it wasn't long before she felt the loneliness of that position.

It was for the better really, because then the lil' owl pumpkin could find her true soul mate! Now who knew this would end as love story? They lived happily ever after in mom's garden...

Have you carved your pumpkin yet?

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