Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Winter Aproaches

What oh what could this be?

A new display of course!

Remember how my dining room display went from fake to falltastic?

This time it went from non-existent to winter-fied!

The display is easing me slowly into accepting the fact that fall must end...and winter along with its slush, sleet, and snow must begin.

This gives me hope that somehow...just somehow I will survive the freezing cold of Minnesota's winters...

I'm feeling pretty positive about winter after creating this display sooo...

Things I'm looking forward to for winter:
-Cozy Norwegian print Smart Wool socks (worn everyday)
-Fresh Snowfall
-The crisp clean scent of winter
-Cozying up by the fireplace with my two doggies
-Steaming Hot Drinks after Sledding adventures (mmm warm apple cider anyone?)
-No. More. Road. Construction.
-Thick Hearty Soups (since I finally figured out how to make them)
-WINTER BREAK!! Which I will be spending at home with all of my mom's glorious cooking utensils! Can't. Wait.

But I just realized winter is still a long time off, Halloween and Thanksgiving haven't even hit yet...and after making that list, dare I say, I am almost excited for winter? Weird. Before I get too excited I have to remind myself just because the leaves are turning from yellow and red to brown and dead doesn't mean it's time for Santa Claus just yet. Besides I don't want to skip right past Thanksgiving Break!

I'll let my approaching winter display remind me to savor every last bit of glorious fall :)

Are you looking forward to winter?

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