Friday, October 29, 2010

Quick Review

Last weekend while I was home I got a nice little surprise gift with the Sunday paper. A free sample of Quaker Oats!

I used to love these packets when I was little. After checking the ingredients list I decided that there weren't too many overly refined sugars or preservatives in them, and I saved it to test out later this week.

As you can see on the package it says these oats are "hearty".

Umm I can barely call this hearty. Looks runny and dismal huh? I had to zoom in so much to get a good shot of the oats you can't even see the rim of my bowl, not to mention the toppings were few and far between. Tasted just about like how it looks, dismal. I felt like I was eating sugar and air.

I added some PB, walnuts, craisins, and spices to try and pump up this breakfast. But it couldn't really be salvaged. I guess I'm just too used to eating hearty whole grain groats or steel cut oats and stuff like this just doesn't taste good to me anymore!

So long story short I will be sticking to hearty breakfasts of my own creation like these:

I'm glad I tested these oats out because now I know the little amount of time I take each week to boil up a huge pot of oats for the entire week is definitely well spent.


What are your plans for halloween? Are you dressing up? Have you carved a pumpkin yet?

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  1. I'm going to be a peacock this year for halloween :-) I can't wait! I have yet to carve a pumpkin though :-( but I've been extremely busy...hopefully my roomie and I will get around to it tonight or tomorrow!