Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Good morning! I wish I were Sleeping Beauty this morning and could be "cursed" to sleep forever.

Last night I went to bed at a respectable 11pm...then my roommate followed me at around midnight...then she left...left the door open a other roommates were talking, I was being a diva and couldn't fall asleep with any noise/light...then my roommate returns...I'm just about to fall asleep other roommate knocks on the door to let in a worker from our apartment!!

My roommie had noise complainted the people below us (thumping bass, and singing...literally could hear him singing the words to Ramblin' Man) and the worker at our apartment didn't believe her, I guess, so she decided to COME IN OUR ROOM. While we were both IN BED trying to SLEEP...IN THE DARK! SO bizarre. By then it was about 1 am and I decided to ditch my workout in the morning so I reset my alarm from 6:30am to 7:30am. But I didn't fall asleep...I just tossed...and turned...all night.

Ugh not helping my headache.

But this is!

Breakfast soothes my tired eyes. Do you like the stack of books that I used for a background display today? Haha just keeping it real, studying in the morning.

In the Breakfast Bowl:
-Kashi cereal
-Chia Seeds
-Vanilla No Fat Stonyfield Yogurt
-Dried Blueberries
-Sunflower Seeds

My attempt to be creative with no sleep.

What my morning mix actually looks like when I scarf it all down.

I am determined to not let my lack of sleep get me down I put these on!

Red. Boots. I might just be able to save the world in these babies, that's how much they inspire me. Hopefully their powers will be enough to get me through ceramics studio and Spanish class so I can come home and crash for a bit before work. Well crash into that kitchen that is, I have an idea for lunch/dinner that may be a winner (I just had to make that rhyme). I hope it works out for this blogs and my taste buds sake!

What do you do to fall asleep when you can't shut your brain off at night?


  1. I try and imagine a time when I was sooo tired that I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, and then usually I drift off into my slumber :)

  2. I hate those types of nights! I usually just toss and turn and somehow miraculously end up falling back to sleep!

  3. For some reason reading makes me really tired. Its kind of like pavlovs dog now when I see a book I just fall asleep!