Monday, October 4, 2010

Back in Mpls...

Mom and I cooked so much this weekend we broke the measuring spoons! She's had those metal one since before I was born...they lived a good life.

This morning I war running around like a chicken with it's head cut off! So I did not get a picture of my breakfast...or the backseat of my Dad's car which was filled with all of my stuff! Granted I did bring alot of stuff home with me (dirty laundry and art stuff) but my Mom went crazy and sent me home with a laundry basket filled with new clothes, necessities (a lot of TP that is), and fresh groceries!

Back to break fast, I had the secret food my mom was cooking up last night.

Gluten-free bread! I have no idea how she made it, here are some of the ingredients she prettily lined up for me to take a picture of.

Something I learned about gluten-free baking, it takes multiple types of flour! Interesting.

The bread turned out pretty good. There is a somewhat tart/sour taste that my mom and I can't quite identify...but we think we like it.

My mom and I taste tested it topped with either Earth Balance (first time trying it! tastes just the same as butter) or delicious Crofter's Cherry Jelly.

This morning I ate mine toasted with PB and honey with a banana on the side. It was really the perfect rushed breakfast.

I am rushing around today because I have lots of things to accomplish (one of the main ones is building a lidded container...) I have already packed my lunch so that after Spanish class I can head directly to the studio for eternity (I kid, I actually love spending the majority of my time there).

Of course it is a Mega-Salad. With lots of fresh veggies I need to use up before they rot, since my mom got me sooo many groceries. She loves to make sure I'm well taken care of.

In the Mega Mix:
-Romaine Lettuce
-Snap Peas (these are like candy to me!)
-Red Peppers
-Easy Curried Tofu

Looks good to me! I'm sure I'll love it as always.

Since I'm leaving the house after I post this and won't be back until after 10 I packed some other snackies as well.

Including failed chewy granola attempts! They taste just fine and maybe I'll even post the recipes later this week. But they were either too crumbly or too crunchy...I just really want to create a perfect chewy granola bar! It's just another thing I can think about in the back of my head while daydreaming in class...

Well I've got some clean laundry to put away and a room to tidy up quick before I leave for class!

Have a great Monday!

What is your favorite part about going home?

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