Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Want.

Let's all remember back to the day when I started this blog, before I began reading numerous food blogs on a daily basis and learned what the heck a Vitamix is and the of many uses of a Rice cooker. Those were the wants were merely limited to any piece of clothing I could charge to my debit card. I had no idea about all the fabulous appliances I was missing out on in the kitchen. Remember I started this blog to go green, stay healthy, and reduce my spending? Well take a look at this...

My Christmas List. Yep. It is currently October 30th. Halloween let alone Thanksgiving have not passed by yet and I am already greedily thinking of all the wonderful gifts I will be tearing open on Christmas Day.

Ok, ok, so I get a little excited about Christmas! But seriously take a look at what I want.

Four books, one about the male brain, one about indoor container gardening, one about vegan cooking, and one about bread baking. Can you say nerd, nerd, foodie nerd, and foodie nerd?

The other two wants? A cheap blender/food processor(since I have none...I miss cheap homemade hummus!) and a mini slow cooker. Food nerd aaand food nerd, and frugal food nerd at that! (Notice how both of these are about the cheapest ones you can get.) But you know what else is weird? I really wanted to want more stuff. Yet I honestly couldn't think of anything else to put on my list (well besides a portfolio bag with a strap...and warm sweaters...those are practical!).

Last year I think my Christmas list included 25+ items. And many of the items on my list were electronics...which would have both a high impact on the environment and my (parent's) bank account. Reading books is a pretty low impact activity, and as for cooking gear- I think a blender is somewhat necessary...the slow cooker on the other hand... Well, anyways, I just wanted to prove that I have made SOME progress on my materialistic ways.

And after writing all of this I just convinced myself that I would never use a slow cooker. Honestly what was I thinking?! Those things are turned on all day- think of all the energy that would suck down! Besides why would I want a mini slow cooker anyways, when I just discovered the wonders of cooking in massive bulk amounts and freezing my food!

So even though I am already thinking about Christmas presents...I still think I am well on my way to becoming a true low impact healthy foodie fashionista. Besides there's nothing wrong with giving your parents a Christmas list early so they can share in your own joy of planning ahead, right? ;)

Have you set any goals for yourself this year? Have you made progress? Or do you remember your New Year's Resolution? Have you stuck with it?

When I told the BF about my goal to run the 5k Turkey Trot in under 24 minutes (by the way I have not run since Tuesday...I better get to work on that goal!!) He asked me if I would ever just run a race for fun.

Honestly, I think my answer is no.

I run everyday(read: whenever my lazy butt feels like it) for fun, but when someone else is watching AND timing me, I want to run fast. Or well what I consider a fast pace for me that is!

I blame it on all those years of varsity competition in high school. I can't let my competitive spirit go! I think of all the addictions to have an addiction to competitiveness is much better than addiction to shopping :)

Now how did that post start out with a Christmas list and end with goal setting? Haha sometimes I wonder about my rambling ways!

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