Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blogging To-Go Style

Today is a good day. Busy but good. Why?

1. I got to sleep in and I don't feel too sick! (my sickness is still lingering I think we're going on week 3 now? Come on immune system...)

2. I got to see the BF after not seeing him for over a looong intense week.

3. On my walk to class I got FREE hot apple cider! I heart fall treats.

4. On that same walk I had to take my hoodie off because I got too hot. It is the perfect fall weather today. I'm in jeans and a t-shirt and it is perfection.

5. I have been listening to Jack Johnson all day. Always improves my mood and calms my stressed out frazzled nerves.

6. I think I got a solid A- on my Spanish writing test (maybe B+ let's be realistic about my spanish writing/conjugation skills here)

7. I had enough time to pack a healthy lunch and snacks AND blog about it!

That there is a lovely low resolution photo of my to-go salad I am currently scarfing down.

In the Mega Mix:

-Snap Peas (still crispy and delicious...I could eat these allll day)
-Onion (yes I brought a piece of gum to chew after this...)
-Red Pepper

Ahh don't you miss my weekend photos already? When I got to take pictures outside and had time to be creative?

Ha well this blog is about REAL life and that is not real college life!

The perfect bite...too bad it looks disgusting. Thanks photobooth!

Action shot! The desk/chair thingy I am sitting on is cramped and when I went to take a drink my elbow hit the "take picture" button. Haha love that.

The Perfect lunch: Mega-Salad and water. Wow I am so creative today...well if it ain't broke don't fix it right?

Snacks on the side Honeycrisp Apple and Mom's Gluten Free Bread! Of course I put it in a re-usable tupperware...its just broken into pieces so it'll fit :) Low-impact AND now I don't have mushy bread to snack on. Remember grade school PB 'n' J sandwiches that turned into PB 'n' J paste sandwiches? Mmm delectable. Not.

Alright the salad has been consumed, and I'm thinking of digging into the snacks...which means it is time for me to get working on that Ancient Art History Timeline and flashcards.

I promise some prettier pictures tomorrow and some low-impact info. Maybe get excited?
Hope your having a Happy Hump Day like mua!

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