Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Day Full of Fall

Yesterday the Boyfriend and I started the day out by going to the Farmers Market. He's getting really good at grocery shopping! We were in and outta there in about 15 minutes! Not that I don't love spending my time at the Farmers Market chatting with all the vendors...but today we had a bigger and better fall festival to get to.

The Apple and Cheese Festival! At The Midtown Global Market. If you live in the Minnesota Metro area you want to go check out the Midtown Global Market. It is really interesting. There are over 50 independently owned restaurants/stores there. You could probably test out food from every country there!

But anyways we were there for the free apples and cheese!

So many free samples...and not just of cheese and apples either.

This is sustainable coffee! For every pound of coffee made it takes about 4 lbs of carbon. So for every pound of coffee made they plant enough trees to offset 54 lbs of carbon. So really by drinking coffee you are doing a good thing not a bad! Now I forgot the name of this coffee :( but I plan on returning to the market soon and buying some (once my folgers runs out...) I will for sure let you know of the name soon.

Plain cheese.

Cheese with apple.

Gorgonzola Cheese.

Aged Smoked Cheddar. (Second favorite cheese of the day, my most favorite was the 8 year old cheddar! Yummmm it practically melted in my mouth.)

Biscotti galore.

This tea was amazing...

All of this taste testing added up! I was stuffed. I also taste tested vegan honey, apple ciders, hummus, and lots of other cheese and about 10+ types of apple.

Some going green tips :)

Answer? 2-3 hours!

The Apple and Cheese Festival was SO fun. Already looking forward to next year :)

Now I was stuffed when we left the festival...but taste test samples don't keep me full for long. I was inspired by the global theme of the market to make a fall version of enchiladas!

I used these spices and about 3 Tbsp. of the Olive Oil to coat some squash, summer squash, zuchinni, and onion.

Ohhh yes. Once these were all evenly coated I popped them in the over at 350 degrees for about 50 minutes.

Benefit of cooking with the boyfriend, he sometimes snaps pics for you...and of you (that might be a downfall haha)

Then take the veggies mix in some beans (I used pinto but any kind of beans would work even refried) then dump in a little enchilada sauce and jalapenos if you're like me and like it spicy!

Pour enchilada sauce in the bottom of the pan, fill tortillas with veggie mixture, roll up tortillas and place in dish, then pour some more enchilada sauce over the top.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. Enjoy!

Mine were enjoyed with the BF at the breakfast counter watching another treat bake in the oven.

But that recipe is for another day ;)

Enjoy your Sunday, I'm currently working up the motivation to go for a little run...

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