Thursday, October 14, 2010


Thank Gosh It's Thursday!

Today I feel like I. CAN. DO. IT.

Haha let's hope there's no surprises in my classes today...(Monday I went to work in the ceramics studio only to find that my beautiful sculpture had been destroyed, ok well the ear got broken off...but still it was slightly devastating!)

Breakfast was pitiful...but I like the pictures anyways :)

How said is my life that I have no fresh fruit, not even an apple, to top my oats with...I had to resort to some Crofters Cherry Jam. Although delicious, it's not quite the same as the real deal.

Yay I resisted coffee today!

A view from the chia seeds mixed in.

In the PB and J Oats Mix:
-1/2 cup Thick Rolled Oats
-2 tsp Chia Seeds
-Splash of Almond Milk
-Dab of PB and J
-Sprinkle of Coconut Flakes

I promise that my lunch/dinner will be more inspiring...mainly because it has been greatly inspired by my North Shore trip!

Or maybe it's been inspired by the still unpacked bag sitting on my floor...

Oops! Whatever it is I can't go on a vacation (no matter how mini) and not come back and cook up some inspired cuisine.

Check back later on to see if I was able to recreate the feel of the North Shore.

Hope you're just as happy as me that it's Thursday!

What do you add to oats/your breakfast when there is no fresh fruit to be found?

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