Saturday, October 2, 2010


Good morning! Today is all about making edits. While my breakfast was amazing on the first try my pictures were not.

Here is my delicious breakfast, I mean really it was perfection.

In the mix:
-1/2 cup groats
-2-3 tbsp plain Stoneyfield yogurt (no fat)
-Sprinkle of flaxseeds
-Sprinkle of shredded coconut
-1 tiny granny smith apple

Ok I love putting a little yogurt in my oats! It really makes them so much more substantial, I've been having problems feeling hungry immediately after eating breakfast...or maybe not hungry just...un-satiated (is that even a legitimate word?). This breakfast left me feeling full before I even finished. I probably had about 3-4 bites left when I felt fullish. Of course that didn't stop me from scarfing the rest of it down ;) I'm still working on that whole "stop eating the food, even if its delicious food, if your full" thing!

Anyways, the tartness of plain yogurt with the sweetness of the maple syrup combined with the tart+sweet taste of granny smith apples was absolutely intriguing. My good ol' standby toppings of cinnamon, nutmeg and walnuts proved themselves once again. Finally I haven't had flaxseeds for awhile (slight obsession with chia seeds lately) but I really enjoyed them in this! They are a little smoother and creamier than chia seeds but still add a nice texture to mornin' oats.

Ok with that out the way we're on to the photos! (I thought I would never actually eat my breakfast I was having so much fun photographing it)

I was busy snappin' photos when I heard clicking nails on tile and a little growl.

Run, Scootie run!

He gave me that precious look and I couldn't resist. I let him come take photos with me. The entire time I dealt with him licking my ears and growling anxiously because he wanted a bite of my oats sooo bad.

The picture above is before exposure compensation, the one below is after.

Exposure compensation is used when you notice that your pictures are turning out too-dark or too-light. Mine were turning out way too light, so I used the exposure compensation, I turned it to -1 to compensate for the overly exposed pictures I was getting.

Muuuch better, actaully they might all be a little dark. Oh well I could always edit them in photoshop!

While I snapped away I could hear screams of delight from children and cheers of parents from the nearby soccer field. Once again, I love being home.

Look at the cute containers my mom has! The Cinnamon one has been around since I was little. I always loved making anything with Cinnamon just so I could use this container! As for the Maple Syrup that was a recent purchase from the grocery store (I was with her) we both chose this brand simply because we loved the bottle so much, we figured then we could keep the adorable bottle and re-fill it in the bulk section.

Yes, my mom is a low impact fashionista as well.

Wish I would have edited out the top strip of dirt in this picture...sometimes I get so into taking pictures I forget to look at the screen and see how they actually turn out.

I tried to catch diva Molly, she would have none of it.

My coffee met a little friend.

I love the colors of this, guess where this is?

On our porch steps! Cute shots are not always intuitive sometimes they have to me made, by cropping in and making a better more pleasing composition. When in doubt zoom in! You'll get more detail and of pieces objects will get cropped out making for a more interesting picture.

(These steps are warped, old, and are sporting chew marks from Scoots and Sonic. They were always meant to be "temporary" steps...8 years later they're still working. Hey, if its not broken don't fix it! Yes I did just justify my Dad's home handyman laziness)

Also I have no idea why these wooden saw horses are on our back porch but all my cute breakfast pictures by those gorgeous flowers were taken beneath it! These were the best flower plant in the back yard and I was too lazy to move the saw horses.

I couldn't resist one more of this...

And another of this too...those flowers just worked perfectly with the containers!

I forgot to re-adjust my exposure when I came back inside but I liked how it made that picture of Scoots turn out. Mysterious creature...or not so much.

These pictures really showcase the nervosa that overtakes Scooters life. The entire time I ate my breakfast he was hopping around growling and begging or chewing schizophrenically on his paws.

He looks so cute in pictures but don't let it fool you, there is a demon lurking beneath the surface who chews on pens, carpets, USB cords and sneaks pees in the house every now and again. We love him for his quirks, but he is the first and last little dog we will ever buy! I've been home for one night and his barks are already ringing in my ears...

On another note I love these chairs!

I finally caught Molly and she cooperated.

Actually for a minute there she was interested in me. But not long enough for me to focus my camera...

By the time I did focus my camera she was done being nice and back in diva mode. No pictures, please.

Finally I decided to stop taking photos and just sit and eat my breakfast. I couldn't help but snap one more of the beautiful sun rays shining into the kitchen.

Now a note about editing. I wrote about editing pictures today because exposure compensation, and composition are the 2 easiest things you can do to improve pictures. I am definitely a novice in photography but as I learn more and more I want to share it all with you!

Also I wrote about editing my photos because this week I edited my plans constantly. I didn't get a change to see the BF once because of things like my ceramic sculpture collapsing (there will be photos soon enough of all my art pieces, I just am not a huge fan of showing half completed works!) and other crisis. As I mentioned before a family member had surgery this week. Well it was my mom who had surgery. One of the most important, most influential people in my life. Also one of my very best friends! While I had originally planned to go all out this weekend for Homecoming I decided to come home because I wanted to be with my Mom. No worries, she is totally fine, still recovering, but she will be just fine.

I personally just needed to see it with my own eyes to believe it! I don't regret coming home for a second. Yes I missed out on the first big performer ever to come to my college, Kid Cudi, but I don't even feel a little sad about it. Ten years from now I will remember spending this time with my mom more than I would have remembered seeing the latest and greatest hip-hop artist of the moment. Besides had I gone to the concert I wouldn't have been able to stop worrying/thinking about my mom.

All in all life is never what it seems and will always surprise you. Whether it is a cute picture that was actually taken on crusty old porch steps, or a week you expected to be a breeze that turned into a disaster. Gotta just keep editing it until you make a great composition :)

And with that I am done with somewhat lacking analagies and inspiring posts for awhile. Well, maaaybe if I can restrain myself...which we all know is not a strong point in my life.

Enjoy your Saturday! I've got 10 hours of drawing to catch up on and a Spanish test to study for!

What edits have you been making lately, in your life, workouts, photos, writing, anything?

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