Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Current Obsession

It looks all innocent and delicious like normal hummus...but really it's PIZZA HUMMUS.

My prayers have been answered! I walk by a delicious pizza place every day on my walk home and the fumes waft out and make me crave to go spend copious amounts of money on their pizza. But now I have something even better...

Oh. My. The heavens have opened up and smiled upon me. This is the good stuff. I feel like I should just give up real pizza and replace it with Pizza Hummus.

At only 30 calories (less than plain hummus!) per 2 TBSP I don't have to feel guilty that I opened this tub yesterday...and it's about 2/3 gone :)

Especially when it tastes amazing on veggies. It tastes the best on broccoli!

Seriously whoever invented this hummus may be my new God and I may begin praying to them to send me more delicious healthy veggie delights.

Just kidding ;)

Hope your day has been as blessed as mine!

P.S. I found out with a couple summer classes I will graduate ON TIME in Spring 2011! Great. Success.


  1. Oh my gosh, that hummus sounds delish! Back in the day, I loved their roasted red pepper but have switched to Sabra because I like their thickness & consistency better. This makes me want to go out and by a tub now. :)

  2. That hummus looks ammaaaazzing. wanna steal some from da frige. just a lil so ya wont notice. and so so good you're dart is averted about graduating late!! yahoooie