Saturday, October 30, 2010

Real Simple

Does anyone else love the pictures in this magazine? I love the whole aesthetic of it, the muted tones, the cozy cottage/farm scenery, even the magazine itself has this great heft to it that makes it feel nice to hold. My love of this magazine is all my lingering graphic design nerd + emerging Martha Stewart personalities coming out.

Anywho I channeled Real Simple today for breakfast.

After testing out my old childhood favorite Quaker Oats instant oats packets and realizing they no longer taste good to me, I began craving a taste of my childhood. My other childhood favorite? Maple syrup and brown sugar Cream Of Wheat (or hot cereal or Malt-o-Meal whatever you call it).

Since I have no Cream of Wheat I made up some hearty groats and topped them simply with cinnamon, nutmeg, maple syrup, and brown sugar. Ok well I couldn't resist adding a big glob of PB on top!

This bowl of oats was perfection, just what I was looking for. I do love toppings, but sometimes it's nice to bring it back to the basics.

I also love how monochromatic and simple the oats looked in the pictures with the lovely backdrop of my Oncoming Winter Display, with an added pumpkin from my roommate. I love the idea of white pumpkins! Kind of sophisticates Halloween.

I'm off to procrastinate! After a really long week of tough days at the school I student teach at, midterms, and learning how to throw on the wheel in ceramics, I think I can take a break and watch some House Hunters for a bit. Hope you are enjoying a lovely lazy Saturday like me!

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