Thursday, September 30, 2010

Don't Stress, Just Accept

If you haven't noticed I took a little break from blogging, why? Because I felt a little bit like a phony this week. This blog is all about living a healthy life that is also healthy for the environment. This week I have not been good to my body, or the environment. Let me sum up my week for you:

-SICK = lots of Nyquil + Sudafed (I usually don't take medications...I hate them)
-Family Member had surgery :(
-I spent far too much on groceries and bought lots of packaged goods. (See picture below of single serving yogurt on top of packaged wraps...)

-These groceries didn't stop me from buying pre-packaged food on the go...expensive, bad for me and the environment.
-I have not been composting.
-I have not been a fashionista...sweats all the way.
-Exercise? What's that?
-Started drinking coffee again.
-I suffered a flesh wound from the oven while making squash.

-My ceramic sculpture collapsed in on was about 75 pounds of collapse
-I was lazy...example slept in until 10 am the other day, and then rushed to class late.

While feeling like I was a failure I came across this quote in my planner

"You can do anything, but not everything" -David Allen

It made me feel a lot better about my week. It was stressful. Just making it to classes was a challenge, let alone trying to do homework with a pounding sinus headache and running nose.

Then I realized I was being overly dramatic and down on myself. For one thing my breakfasts still managed to look mostly like this:

Tropical Oats!

In The Mix:
-1/2 cup oats
-1/2 cup Mango Yogurt
-Shredded Coconut

A really nice change! I ate mainly a large bowl of fruits with yogurt for breakfast this week- definitely helped me get over my cold!

I also realized that while it was stressful to have a sick family member having a rough recovery, they weren't ever in danger of dying. They are fine. I should stop whining because I'M not the one who had surgery!

As for groceries it happens to the best of us. The grocery store is just one big advertisement so sometimes overspending happens. Also I need to eat, so it is a necessary expense. Same with on the go food, eventually I will figure out my schedule and be able to resist/plan ahead better.

Wearing sweats is acceptable when you look disgusting anyways because your nose is constantly running. Besides whats the point of putting on a cute outfit on when it'll just get covered in charcoal in drawing class?

My exercise routine was not fun, I just quit running because of over training. So maybe I needed a break? It's not good to work out when your sick anyways. I will try harder next week.

College = coffee. One cup a day will not kill me, I still drink tea anyways. I don't have to be perfect and only drink health drinks!

And as for the rest of my problems (collapsed ceramic piece, flesh wound, and laziness) these things happen. Nothing you can do but deal. I am not a bad artist because a piece got ruined. I am not a bad cook because I have a burn gouge on my arm. I am not a bad person because I slept in. 10 am is not THAT late, and I was sick!

While it was great that I found a way to rationalize all of my bad choices this week, I still realized that this is not the way I want to live life. I feel icky from treating my body poorly this week, I would rather feel great! So I started to get back in the swing of things today. I made THE BEST salad ever. (Possibly because I have every ingredient in the world in my fridge right now from overspending at the grocery store?)

This was basically a cabinet salad with some amazing curried tofu!

In the Salad:

-Romaine Lettuce
-Red Pepper

Easy Curried Tofu

-One package extra-firm tofu
-2 tbsp Olive Oil
-2 cloves garlic chopped
~1/2 tsp Curry Powder
~1/2 tsp Tamarind

Heat olive oil in skillet with chopped garlic cloves. Press tofu between paper towels and chop into 1/2 inch cubes. Add tofu to skillet. Sprinkle a layer of both curry powder and tamarind over the tofu. (Just shake the spice out of the container so that each piece of tofu has some spice on it) Let tofu cook until browned or crispy on one side. Flip all pieces of tofu. Cook tofu until it is crispy on the other side. Remove from heat and enjoy over a salad, brown rice, or just plain!

Sooooooooo good. I am loving these Indian flavors lately :)

Enjoyed sitting in front of my wilting fall display...I may have to make another! Or maybe a Halloween display?

This salad was amazing and it was the perfect thing to get me back into my healthy eating routine. It made me remember that healthy eating does not take that much more effort than eating Kashi cereal out of the box, and it makes me feel so. much. better.

Lesson learned from a stressful week? Stress happens. It does mean I am a failure at life because I grabbed some full-fat corn syrup sweetened yogurt on the go, at least it wasn't a cheddar dog with a side of skittles! Some weeks we struggle just to get by. If we didn't have bad weeks how would we know when we're having amazing on-top-of-the-world weeks? Besides this week isn't even over yet, I still have time to make is a grrrreat success. So here's to doing my best, and hoping next week is a complete 180 degree shift from this week.

Hope your week was better than mine :)

What kind of week did you have? Do you ever have weeks like mine?

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