Sunday, September 5, 2010

Energize Me

The boyfriend had a little housewarming party last night. It was brisk outside- but not cold. Felt refreshing like a gin and tonic :) We sat outside as long as we could...before the skeeters and darkness closed in on us.

We had our favorite snack to make together- Guacamole. Probably the easiest dip to make.

Easy Guacamole Directions

1. Start with some avocados, 2-3 usually makes a good amount of guac. Mash them up until desired smoothness or chunkiness.
2. Add some lemon or lime juice.
3. Add hot peppers of your liking about 1 or 2 medium sized ones (less is your not a pepper fan, we are!)
4. Mince up some onion and stir in.
5. SALT and pepper to taste (the secret to good guac? lots of salt)
6. Add fresh tomatoes if you have them (we didn't this time)
7. Add hot sauce and/or salsa.

While making guac taste test along the way and add ingredients as needed. Seriously there's no way you can mess it up! Have fun with it :)

The boyfriend and I end up with a different result every time- but it's always delicious.

Pair with drink of choice and Blue Corn Chips. Perfection.

After getting my fill of chips and guac I decided to go snap some photos in the twilight while the boys played Skipbo.

Hidden tomato plant :)

After sleeping in this morning I craved veggies and tea like no other to refresh, cleanse and revive me. Oh and of course I craved some of my Homemade Hummus. So I made a veggie wrap to take with me to work.

Start with a layer of hummus and green peppers.

Add cucumber, patty pan squash, and tomato.

Top it off with some mixed greens.

Add two types of tea, Papaya green tea in my tea ball. (No packaging yay!)

Using up the rest of this herbal tea...too much packaging.

Finished wrap + carrots probably my favorite snack veggie.

And an apple for a snack at work! I was really excited to try this apple- it looked delicious.

It wasn't excited fr me to eat it though, the wrapper would not come off. Took forever to peel off.

Although there was a brown spot in the middle (no worries its just natural!) this apple was worth the work. So juicy, crisp, sweet, and tart. Complete bliss.

I do love my apples :) Can't wait for honeycrisp- they should be ready pretty soon right?

Well now I sit at work thinking up a dinner masterpiece. I'm thinking Spicy Black Bean Quinoa Stuffed Green Pepper? Stay posted for the results!

What is your go to refreshing food?

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