Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sir Wordsworth

"When your self worth goes up, your net worth goes up with it." -Mark Hanson

I have decided to take this quote to heart and combine it with my general love of quotes. Yes, that is a picture of my planner, and yes, that is a quote written at the top of the page. Yes, I did write a quote on every page of my planner. I can already feel the inspirational words motivating me! Haha but seriously I do think helpful encouraging words can turn a bad day good. Or least make a bad day bearable!

Hopefully when the stress of multiple projects and tests starts piling up during the school year I will appreciate the time I took to write these quotes. Feel my self worth go up, and eventually, when my 390,798 years of college are done, be able to accumulate a ginormous net worth.

Do you feel encouraged by quotes? Or do they just seem dumb to you? What helps you get through a stressful week/day?

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