Thursday, September 9, 2010

Low Impact Fashion


First two days of school hurt. Not used to 19 credits...but once I figure out my schedule blogging will have its own (frequent hopefully) time slot!

Today I was loving my outfit and when I thought about it I realized it was quite low impact. All pieces were low impact on my budget and some were used thus low impact on the environment. Can you guess what pieces are new, used, sale, or full price?

Scarf: On sale 50% off in boutique in St.Louis.

Belt: $2.00 at Savers

Tunic: $8.00 on sale (it had a tiny rip I fixed) at Plato's Closet.

Sweatshirt: Billabong from the boutique I worked at in high school. It's from my Junior year...which means it's FIVE years old. Umm I feel old now, but goes to show spending money on pieces that last pays off!

Hahah this close-up makes my belly look huge! Just look at that $2 belt shiiiine.

Then I topped the whole outfit off with my new babies, bought at Tatters.

I think I am in love...wait I AM in love.

They didn't even give me blisters today! (And believe me I was RUNNING in them...I hate that I only have 15 minutes to get alllll the way across two campuses...)

Just wanted to attempt to live up to the fashionista label on the blog...lately it's just been healthy food recipes! I am telling you ladies go thrifting. It's so cheap, fun, and usually you end up with unique pieces that nobody else will have! My personal favorites are estate sales, antique/vintage sales. That's where you find the really good stuff. But unfortunately for me I have only been to a couple as they are usually at an inconvenient time or too far away. I'm planning on going to more in the future though!

Do you thrift store or sale shop? Or do you prefer designer labels? (I have a great pair of J Brand Jeans I bought at Plato's Closet for about 80% off the usual price!)

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