Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pay it Forward

The last day of No Impact Week is...

Day 7 of No Impact Week: Giving Back

Now that you have spent a week learning about how to take less from the environment it is time to share the wealth. Volunteer with an environmental organization, donate to your local wildlife refuge, or simply tell your neighbor about composting. It doesn’t have to be much but the only way for the green movement to become a global movement instead of a marketing device is if people get involved and spread the word.

No space to plant a tree or can’t think of a local organization to donate you time too? Here are some websites that can help you find a place to volunteer:

Volunteer Match

And always the Sierra Club has millions of options of how to help out the green movement, you can do a little and become a member or sign up for newsletters, or do a lot and lobby for environmental friendly laws or take a Volunteer Vacation.

How often do you volunteer? How often do you take time to do something for the environment? How did your No Impact Week go?

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