Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finally finally finally!

I come out of the library frustrated after working on my spanish essay (I think I conjugated every single verb wrong) to see my arch nemesis. RAIN.

I grab a newspaper for an umbrella and just as its collapsing on my head and the rain has begun soaking through my sweatpants (yes its a sweatpants day) I see an oasis.


I completely forgot it was happening today. Sad news I only had $7 good news that was enough for...

Honeycrisp apples!!! Yes they were expensive ($1 each) yes they are a little bumpy BUT they are crisp and beautiful! I know they are in a plastic bag but I was unprepared :(

Just thought I'd let you know that fall has officially arrived now that I have had a honeycrisp apple...oh and some butternut squash. :)

What is your favorite thing that officially tells you that it is fall?

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