Friday, September 3, 2010

MN State Fair

I promised my Dad to keep his precious Schwinn Roadbike (that doesn't even fit him) in my apartment, not the bike rack, and did some major complaining and begging. The BF even pitched in a bit, aaaaand he caved! Now I have a beautiful, fast, sleek roadbike to bike around the city, instead of that clunky mountain bike. I am planning on many more bike trips! The first? The state fair with the BF and some friends.

Soo what does a health nut eat at the fair?

An apple brought from home of course! Haha come on that's a very Low Impact decision! Well no worries I am human and had some fair food:

One cheese curd (sick. the boyfriends friends made me)
Free 1/2 ice cream sandwich
A disappointing sparkling apple cider float a
A sad bland veggie gyro (90% shredded iceburg lettuce)
Amaaaazing cinnamon roasted almonds!

I shared most of the treats so it was a totally guilt-free experience. Although I wish I would have seen the Gelato stand while I was there!! Oh and gotten the falafel gyro instead...and the fresh fruit (read that HUGE juicy nectarine from whole foods) instead of the sparkling cider float. *Sigh* Fair food has really lost its appeal...I guess that's the downfall of being able to cook amazing food/being a health nut obsessed with amazing food. Or maybe I'm just picky ;) I'll try again next year no worries...especially since I missed out on that gelato...and that falafel on a stick. For some reason I didn't snap any food pics really...I guess I was distracted by the animals and the hoards of people eating grease. But no worries I did take some pics.

Look at these Eco-Bracelets, they have a bead for the Earth, oceans, rainforests, air, wildlife, people, fair-trade, and peace. Cute :) I want to make my own version. I really wanted to buy a recycled coin purse from this place but it didn't fit my credit cards :( Maybe I'll just have to make my own...

Animals, animals, animals...

I wanted to break the glass so I could try allllll of the displayed pies, breads, muffins, cookies, and delicious looking treats in general. How do you get to be a judge at the fair??

What is that? Deep fried twinkie on a stick. That about sums up my fair experience :) If you haven't gone yet GO!

What is you favorite fair food?

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