Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wish Come True

I was surfing Yahoo! news and I found this video of a giant sinkhole swallowing part of a Sonic restaurant.

That. Is. Amazing.
If I ever get a genie in a bottle my second wish will be for all fast food restaurants to be swallowed by giant sinkholes (OH and all Monsanto headquarters too!). The first wish, of course, will still be to wish for more wishes.

All joking aside you can see from the picture how sinkholes are formed. We are depleting the water from underground aquifers which then cause collapse when they no longer have anything inside. This sinkhole is thought to have been caused by excessive rainfall, but it's just as bad because extreme weather we have been experiencing is due to Global Warming. Anyways back to water conservation, I don't know much about how I can change my habits but I am excited for the No Impact Week to learn more about how I can conserve more water. Look forward to a post about water next week!

For now I leave you with this thought "if it's yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down."

Have you ever thought about how much water you use in a day? Or what a day without water would be like?

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