Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sir Beads Alot

While at my hometown and shopping at Target I saw a necklace that I really really really liked. But it was $35, ouch on the bank account, and that was the SALE price! My Mom offered to buy it for me but I refused. Then, lucky me, we decided to take a walk (hooray no driving! or bus I love my small town) to the bead store. My Mom is an avid beader and needed a couple of supplies. While there I decided to make my own version of the Target necklace!

While my version of the necklace ended being more expensive than the one at Target it is more original, and was way more entertaining! Oh and it's better quality (yes I am trying to justify spending $45 on a necklace parts...even though my Mom paid for it!!) Here's another view:

Also I already cheated on my goals a bit, besides buying the brand new beads, my Mom got me a new pair of jeans and a purse. Ok old habits die hard! At least my Mom got them for me as a present, right? But I did take my e-mail off of all the advertisement and online shopping sales list-serves I was subscribed. No more Urban Outfitter or Victoria's Secret messages to taunt and tempt me daily! As always small, easily sustainable, steps :)

What have you splurged on recently? Do you have a favorite hobby like beading? How many advertisements fill up your inbox daily?

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