Thursday, August 26, 2010


Not all magazines have to come at the cost of your bank account and a tree. At VegNews they let you choose your damage. I personally chose zero damage!

You can order the magazine and have it come in the mail like we're used to, or you can get a Tree Free Subscription. I was signing up for the Tree Free Subscription when I noticed the price, $20 for 1 year (6 issues). Not too expensive but on my college budget and with a trip to the grocery store looming in the near future I decided to wait. In other words I put it on my Christmas list...

But never fear you will not be deprived of Vegan info just because you're poor. VegNews has a newsletter AND a recipe club for free! Since deleting myself from fashion/shopping junk e-mails I have been deprived of time wasting e-mails so, of course, I signed up for both.

Besides VegNews I recently signed up for a plethora of newsletters through the Sierra Club. Since signing up for No Impact Week I have been exploring their website when I'm bored. That website goes on FOREVER. Seriously there are thousands of things to read and many opportunities to take action. Give the Sierra Club Website a look and see if any of the newsletters/volunteer opportunities interest you.

What is your favorite magazine? Or are you a cheapo like me and prefer newsletters/websites/anything free as opposed to paying for a magazine?

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