Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mission Impossible

Mission: Compost in an apartment without having fruit flies. Impossible.
There is my old compost bin- all cleaned out and ready to be used to store my winter wear since it no longer will be used as a compost :( There is no picture of it when it was a compost because the fruit flies swarmed my camera and flew away with it. Seriously. Gross. I tried to ignore the fruit flies and blame them on the garbage can…but my roommates brought me back to reality with their text messages telling me take it out.

Ok so compost idea #1=failure. In that compost I layered potting soil, newspaper and then compost materials. It worked for about 2 weeks and then got real nasty. I think I needed to empty it every two weeks or so. But I decided the compost bin I have is a little large for just one composter. Thus enabling me to be lazy and never take it out…since it would never fill up.

So I came up with a solution.

Can you find the compost??

Yep it’s the Stonyfield Yogurt container! All my veggie and fruit scraps will go in there. Since it’s a miniature container I will be forced to empty it frequently, and nothing will start decomposing in the fridge.

Say buh bye to fruit flies! Thankfully for me my BF has a compost so I can give him weekly gifts of rotting goods. What a lucky guy huh?

In other news look at my herb garden!

Every time I walk in the kitchen they seem to grow taller and taller…Little Shop Of Horrors? Almost.

Do you compost? Or are you thinking of starting a compost?

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