Wednesday, August 4, 2010


When I eliminated processed food from my life I began to rely heavily on those flimsy plastic produce bags. Although likely to be less of an impact on the environment than say individually wrapped 100 calorie packs, they are still far from sustainable. So it is now time for me to find reusable produce bags. I have already searched at two different supermarkets (Coborns and Rainbow Foods) and had no luck finding any. Since I have limited patience/time to actually search for reusable bags at other grocery stores I have resorted to I know, I know, online shopping is not sustainable! The packaging and gas used to deliver the package to me is unnecessary. BUT this is going to my last hurrah for online shopping. An addiction I have decided to eliminate. Since a) I spend an ordinate amount of time "window" shopping online and b) since I've pledged to stop buying new clothes why tempt myself?

Here is my purchase.

It seemed like the most economical choice although the reviews said leafy stuff went bad in the refrigerator quickly with these bags. I decided I could make the extra effort and just take the produce out of the bag when I get home instead of paying more! Stay tuned for a review when I receive my package in 5-7 business days.

Also if you haven't done it already reusable grocery bags are allllll over the grocery store. My mom got me some great ones that have built in compartments and hard bottoms so food doesn't get too smooshed. Also reusable grocery bags are great for riding the bus since I can just sling them over my shoulder- which means I can carry more food and more bags at once! Ommm nom nom nom. Oh and NO RIPPING! Some grocery stores will even give you 5 cents or more off of your grocery bill for using a reusable bag. Eventually the bags will pay for themselves, low impact on the environment AND my bank account!

Finally if you are like me most days you aren't home for lunch/snacks. Instead of using plastic baggies and a brown bag switch to Tupperware and a lunch box. Tupperware is great- no more depressing looking squished pancake sandwiches and the lunch box will keep your lunch at a better temperature as well! Oh and forget plastic silverware. Pack a metal one- seriously you'll thank me when you can actually stab that crouton instead of just poke it and move it around your Tupperware container. More importantly mother nature will thank you even more!

Take a look into your kitchen, how many plastic bags or packages are in there? Are there any packaged products you could buy using a reusable container in the bulk section at the grocery store? Would you consider using reusable produce bags?

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