Thursday, August 12, 2010

Modern Day Laura Ingalls Wilder

When I was presented with the challenge to create a photo series of 6 photos for my final project in Photography it is no wonder I took a sustainable approach. Without anymore explanation here is my artist statement and my favorite photos of the series. (The models are my lovely roommate/bff/pretend sister and wonderful boyfriend, thanks you two for putting up with me!)

Title: Modern Day Laura Ingalls Wilder

In our increasing industrial world it is interesting to think back to how things used to be done. In this photo series I took inspiration from the photography of Laura Ingalls Wilder time period. I took inspiration from the fashion, settings, photo quality and color in these photos. Then I created a modern day version of these photos. By taking the old world look from these photos yet photographing modern day versions of the activities I hopefully provoked thought about how advanced and industrial our lifestyle has become. How humans are continually evolving, adapting, and inventing for better or worse.

How many machines/appliances/mass produced products do you use in one day? Maybe try making a list today of all the electricity and products you use and see if you can reduce your use in some way?

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