Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let there be life!

I came home from spending the night at my BF's hometown to these lovely lil' bebes. I am developing a green thumb, hooooray! My Cilantro, Oregano, and Chive seeds have sprouted but Parsley hasn't responded to my loving care. C'mon lil' Parsley seedlings stop ruining my success.

In other news, APPLE ORCHARDS ARE NOW OPEN!!! While I wait for honeycrisp apples to be in season I found a new favorite. Zestar. Crisp and juicy and the best part I got it fresh picked. Nothing better. I spent the rest of my Friday and Saturday engaging in non-green activities- boating. I also went to the Wake Park where my BF's brother works- pretty cool. Its like a rope tow for wake boarding (of course I have to put it in downhill skiing terms to understand...) here are some pics.

The park in all its glory. Really it's just these little ponds in the middle of nowhere.

Weeeee! After that I got bored taking action shots. Well and jealous of other people there who had sweet lenses meant for taking up close action pictures...whereas I just have the standard lens on my camera. Still kicking myself for not buying that discounted telephoto lens when I bought my camera! So I turned to my favorite type of photography...nature close-ups :)

Swarms of water bugs...

Well I'm off to learn more about going green/vegan while at work! (Ok I'm going to be watching Gilmore Girls most likely all night at work...)

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