Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stand Out

I was looking through old pictures, and I found a winner that never got edited. It spoke to me, you know what it said?

Never be afraid to stand out. Be one in a million.

So today I will confess. I am one in a million, which means there are about 6,700 other people just like me on this planet ;)

What makes me so unique?

I don't get the Larabar craze. I ate one, thought it tasted awful. Didn't feel the need to test out the other 3 bars I bought on sale...but curiosity got the best of me. Every time I ate a Larabar I was expecting an explosion deliciousness, or well any flavor would have been nice. The only flavor I got from these bars was dusty and dry. Bleh. And they did nothing for my hunger, each bar has about 230 calories, for that I could have a huge bowl of veggies which would be much more tasty and satisfying.

Although I love the ingredient list and wish these would work for a healthy snack to pick up at a convenience store looks like I'll have to be saving my money by not buying any more Larabars! I'll stick to my routine of an apple or banana grabbed on the go for snacking. Quite the Low Impact decision, no packaging, no processing (hopefully organic), and cheap! If I'm really lucky I'll be able to grab a Quiche Muffin...or Clustery Granola.

Well I am off to the grocery store! Hopefully I'll be able to make some delicious meals this weekend...and invent some new recipes.

Happy Saturday!

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