Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Home is...

...where the delicious (but slightly nutrient weak and sugar high) breakfast of my high school years reappears in my life.

...where there is always a hot pot of nice expensive coffee...and a chilled version in the fridge as well.

...where the snow (still) is.  Only this time it has little doggie tracks in it.

...where there are Christmas lights hanging in my window.

...where my room has been transformed into a (second) gym.  I'm really happy about it. (We already have a weightlifting gym in the garage, yes I definitely know where I get my love of working out from)

...where I can watch Glee and drink coffee and not feel guilty about missing class/neglecting homework.

...where my babies are...and where I have to go through too much barking and sass just to get one picture of them together.  (After saying "NO BARK" too many times)

...where it snows even more, but this time I have a cutie to model the snow for me.

...where the ingredients (er...funds and transportation) are in order for me to make this bread that has been on my mind forever.

...where nobody cares that this is how I made my kitchen look before I baked the bread.

...where there is always my favorite ice cream in the fridge to keep me occupied while I wait for my bread to bake.  Home is also where nobody cares that I eat ice cream out of the carton because we're all family anyways.  And nobody ever asks me why I'm eating ice cream with a fork because they know I'm weird like that and think it tastes better with a fork!

...home is where there is always good enough light somewhere in the house to take decent pictures of the amazing bread I made.

But most importantly...

Home is where the heart is...

Home is where I can bake a perfect bread and not feel any guilt about scarfing half the loaf, because my best friend for all twenty years of my life is right there next to me doing the same thing.  Thanks Mom!  Who really notices how much bread is being eaten while we're planning our Thanksgiving recipe list just a little late anyways?

And finally home is where my favorite afgan in the entire world is. 

I am currently snuggled up in it watching Sex and the City 2 (it finally came to Redbox- I refuse to pay more than $1 to watch a movie that I know is going to be awful.  But I still just HAD to see it) with my two doggies and the fireplace.

I love coming home.

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