Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bored for the Holiday

I am home for the holiday and have been bored for the holiday.  Well I'm being dramatic, the boredom just set in today.  My Thanksgiving feast...and the ensuing leftover feast were great fun.  Besides I really love my hometown, it's so cute and cozy I always love being at home.  But for some reason the studio has been calling my name alllll week and I'm almost itching to get back to Minneapolis.  Weird.

Because I don't even want to THINK about cooking MORE food (the leftovers are haunting me...) I had to cure my boredom by going on a photography spree.

Of course there was still room in my post-thanksgiving+leftovers tummy for a skim latte from the best coffee shop in the world.  It's my second one since I've been home :)  I love small town coffee shop prices- for a large this only cost $3.60!!  In Minneapolis they would have charged me extra for making it a skim latte...

I originally was going to take pictures of something other than nature...mainly how cute my hometown is.  But my instincts took over and I only ended up taking pictures of the riverfront.  I hope I will be able to move on from nature photography's just wasn't the day.

Loving the reflection of those trees.

I got a little too into the color changing abilities of photoshop...

 My obsession with taking pictures of wheat like grass continues as well...

 Fresh tracks :) wish I could get some of these on a mountain in Colorado...but I'll take what I can get.

Stolen scarf from Mom, new sunglasses, new earrings AND a haircut.  I've been busy spending money this's been a very high impact break between the massive amounts of food, spending and driving I've been doing...

Look a fence! That's not from nature...hooray!

Branch Shot # 1

Branch Shot # 2...I think # 1 wins...

I really couldn't decide what leaf color I liked the best...any opinions?

I drove to another part of town to get some more rustic pictures of a broken down mill.  I love photography sprees with a car!

My photo spree was so much fun today, it felt good to get outside after being cooped up all weekend with the dogs and the leftovers ;) But I think my fingers may have suffered some frostbite...

It's back to school for me tomorrow! Now that it's almost time to leave home I'm getting a little sad. Home is always so nice and relaxing, but I've got finals coming up and 6 bowls to throw and decorate! Time to get work done before I hibernate at home again for Christmas.

How are you recovering from your post Thanksgiving food coma?

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