Thursday, November 25, 2010

101 Reasons

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, so today I decided to make a list of 100 things that I am appreciative of.  They range from the very serious, like my civil rights, to the very ridiculous, like Chinese food at 3am. 

Enjoy the random list ;)

And a very happy Thanksgiving to you! I hope you have at least 100 reasons to be happy today as well.

101 Reasons to be Happy and Thankful for My Life. Everyday.

1. I’m alive!
2. I love my family, and they love me back.
3. I am lucky enough to have a best friend whose gives the best advice because she’s got years of experience to back up her wisdom: my mom!
4. I’ve got a Dad who is just as much of a competitive sports nerd as I am and is the best running/workout buddy ever.

5. I have the best friends anyone could ever ask for. Love them forever and always.
6. I am healthy, and if I get sick the health service on my campus is about 2 blocks away.
7. I am able to attend college, and my dream school at that!
8. Civil Rights.
9. I am wealthy enough to be able to choose what I eat, and eat a mostly vegetarian whole foods diet, instead of having to eat whatever I can afford.
10. I am lucky enough to have parents who support my decision to be an Art major, and help me financially to pursue my dream.
11. I am lucky enough to have not only 1 but 2 jobs in this era of unemployment and economic crisis.
12. I live in an apartment with 4 of my best friends, and with other best friends right around the corner.
13. My parent’s love to buy me groceries.
14. Farmer’s Markets.
15. I get to draw in class. Or sculpt. Or paint. It’s amazing.
16. I am strong from my love of working out.
17. Spandex leggings and bike shorts.
18. I have the best cooking partner ever- my mom.
19. There are trees outside my apartment window. They make me happy to look at.
20. Minneapolis has the most biking/running/walking trails of any city.
21. Minneapolis is “the city of lakes” love this.
22. Minneapolis is a relatively safe big city.
23. I am lucky enough to have a bus pass so on lazy/cold days I am able to ride to class/work/grocery store instead of walk/beg for rides.
25. I have a MacBook Pro. What a lovely electronic device.
26. I have an iPod. Another great electronic.
27. Flowers.

28. Nature Photography.
29. Food.
30. Oats in particular.

31. My blog ☺
32. Hot cocoa on cold snowy nights.
33. Scooter, Sonic and Molly.
34. Pink sparkly nail polish.
35. My ceramic suit (I have a suit of sweats I put on the ceramic studio to protect my clothes when I’m throwing, it makes me laugh every time I put it on.)
36. Asics running shoes in rainbow colors.
37. Target, Forever 21 and Old Navy clothes. I am so poor if these didn’t exist I would be wearing clothes from high school.
38. Healthy Living Blogs.
39. My curly hair.

40. Mash-ups of songs. Serisously. (Warning graphic language compliments of Notorious B.I.G.)
41. Pandora Radio.
42. Just good music in general.
43. Books, books and more books.
44. Watching Gilmore Girls with my mom and my brother.
45. My brother.
46. Being able to call my brother when I have any problem with my computer (like downloading a virus for the millionth time…)
47. Memories ☺
48. Claire Louise x 2, Clara Louisa’s, PB and J (my bestie from HS and I have the exact same name and we are like PB an J)
49. Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner
50. My great-great-grandmas wedding ring, that I wear everyday.
51. Jewelry and jewelry making.
52. Long distance running.
53. Scrapbooking
54. Facebook stalking old pictures of me and the besties. Sooo hilarious.
55. Photobooth photoshoots.

56. That my roommates and I ARE the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, we all wear the same EXACT pant size. So amazing, my wardrobe quadrupled when I moved in with 4 clones of myself.
57. List making and Goal setting.
58. Inspirational quotes/pictures.
59. Art museums.
60. Watercolor painting.
61. Knitting big chunky scarves on cold winter days. And then wearing them on even colder windy winter days.
62. Downhill skiing and making perfect carves down the whole hill and seeing your amazing tracks from the chairlift.

63. Hyper ridiculous nights with the girls.
64. Talking about memories with the girls, I always end up crying from laughter.
65. Cute boys.
66. Knowing how to flirt a little to get my way ;)
67. Brownie batter, cake batter, and cookie dough. Well, and brownies, cake and cookies.
68. Dense moist only slightly sweet banana nut bread/muffins. Love love love.

69. Student teaching, love my kiddos even though they drive me crazy.
70. Crappy coffee mixed with the cappuccino machine sugar coffee from gas stations.
71. Good iced coffee. Especially when it’s from my hometown coffee shop and enjoyed while walking and talking with my mom.
72. The fact that no two snowflakes are alike.
73. Sandy beaches.

Costa Rica Summer '09

74. Star gazing.
75. Camping in the BWCA.

BWCA Summer '08

76. Plants growing in my apartment (even if I am slowly killing them all…ooops)
77. Rainbows after a gloomy rain.
78. Rainboots, my savior.
79. Uggggly boots, also my savior.
80. Yoga dvds for the long cold icy Minnesota winter when outdoor running is NOT sensible.
81. Cocoa butter scented lotion. Yummm.
82. The smell of fresh baked bread/muffins/cake/brownies/etc.
83. Fall activities like apple picking and pumpkin carving.
84. Pumpkin flavored anything.
85. Skinny jeans + plain tee + cute scarf + tall boots = my easiest go-to outfit that never fails to be cute.
86. Summer dresses.
87. Running sock tan lines.
88. Sun-kissed summer skin.
89. Classical music.
90. Zen Habits.
91. My Recipes page. Makes me proud even though it is small.
92. Dance parties.
93. RAW images and editing them in Photoshop.
94. Freebies. SO abundant on my college campus.
95. Megabus mini vacations to Chicago.

Chicago Spring Break '09

96. Chinese food or pizza at 3am with my group of friends. Always a solid choice.
97. Pop-up blockers and spam blockers.
98. Pixar movies.
99. HGTV and TLC for the Mom in me.
100. My big juicy thighs ☺

101. I don't want to end this list! Which makes me really realize how amazing my life is. 

P.S. Happy 51st Birthday Dad!!! There will be a blog post dedicated to you soon enough...

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