Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Simple Savory Eats

Lately I've been showing you lots of sweets. I have also been showing you my full-blown sometimes time/labor intensive recipes. So today I decided to show you how I eat about 75% of the time. Which is either leftovers or dishes that are quick and easy to make while still tasting delicious. These ones just so happen to be spicy and savory because I had a full bottle of amazing new salsa and a food baby from my recent sweets overload.

First up:

Lazy Huevos Rancheros Salad

In the salad mix:
-3 leaves Romaine lettuce
-1/2 Tomato
-Fried Egg
-Sauteed onion (sauteed with the frying egg)
-Fried Polenta (Also in the frying pan)
-Garbanzo Beans
-Sprinkle of Mozarella Cheese
-Salsa, salsa, and more salsa

So easy to make and so delicious.  It's nice to have some warmth in a salad for a change.  It's so easy to grab a medium sized skillet and coat it with olive oil, crack and egg on one half, and sautee onions/veggies/polenta/meat/whatever you can think of on the other side.  It makes a boring old salad into an easy super savory gourmet-style lunch!

Don't let the photo fool you, this salad was HUGE.  We just had no clean salad bowls...thus I had to put my giant salad in an even more giant bowl...making it look mini.

Next easy dish:

Savory Oatmeal

In the Oats mix:
-1/2-3/4 cup cooked stell cut oats
-1/2 cup almond milk
-Little sprinkle of mozzarella cheese
-Fried Egg (sunny side up)
-Jalapenos (for those of you who don't know about my obsession with jalapenos don't worry I know it's not normal to eat them in the morning...or plain...)

This breakfast is so so so so delicious and filling.  Frying an egg takes about .25 seconds so don't whine to me that you don't have time to make this in the morning.  Also if you're like me and cook up a pot of oats for the week and then keep it in the fridge you'll be able to easily make this breakfast.

The best part about this breakfast? The runny yoke. Oh my gosh if you like moist thick oats, this is right up your alley.  The yoke, with the salsa, and the cheese ahhh now I'm hungry again!

I don't know why I've been wasting my time with sweet oat mixes for so long.  Well, on that note, I also had steel cut oats with a crumbled Winter Wonderland Cupcake Muffin on top AND a bowl of oats with a mini slice of Butternut Squash Apple Pie on top.  One of the easiest ways to make boring oats turn into gourmet oats is to crumble some leftovers from baking on top.  It is always a winner!

Anyways the moral of this post? You don't have to make super intense recipes to eat really delicious food! Find some flavors that you like and find ways to play them up.  As in this post- I love rich and spicy food so I basically just put rich food (fried egg) and spicy food (salsa) on top of two of my favorite staples in my diet: salad and oats.  Easy enough, huh?  One last thing, never underestimate the power of leftovers, you can do SO much with them.  But that's for a topic for a whole other post ;)

What are your favorite flavors?

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