Tuesday, November 16, 2010


1. The act of using the copious amount of photos on your computer and photo editing programs to put off doing any type of homework.
2. Needlessly editing photos for no real reason.
Used in a sentence: Claire is the worst phocrastinator I know.  Actually I think she invented phocrastination, that's how bad the problem is.

I kid you not, it is a serious problem for me.  Procrastination is so easy when you have the entire Adobe Suite at your fingertips day after day. Seriously photobooth distracts me on a daily basis(conceited much?), so Photoshop is like sophisticated procrastinating.  Actually once I combined my love of photoshop and photobooth and created a photobooth collage...

Mmm that's some good phocrastination right there.

Today I decided to share the results of my phocrastination, I had to put these edits to good use right?

These are some pictures I took over the summer of some beautiful bouquets at my local farmers market. I wanted to buy them...but instead I just took pictures.

Sadly I took these photos in jpeg mode so I didn't have as many fun editing options like pictures taken in RAW. Oh well, they still managed to keep me off task ;)

The first photo I played with exposure, dodging and burning.

The original, straight outta my camera.

A little desaturated. 

Added a brown color filter. and burned the edges to have a bright spot of light on the big flower.

My favorite, the original with just the burned edges. Love the depth!

The second picture I played with color filters.


Warmed up, I upped the red in the color balance option.

Super warm, I increased the yellow in the color balance option for both midtones and highlights.  I also increased the red in the midtones.

Underwater world flowers!  I increased the green in the color balance option.

For the third photo I played with black and white.  If you think making a photo black and white only takes the click of a button, think again.

Original photo.

The black and white result with just clicking one button.  Ugly and weird looking.

After adjusting the black and white color levels, mainly the reds and yellows.  (Yellow is an important because it adjusts the overall brightness of your black and white level a bunch).

Aaaaand then I made this...

When I start making photos like this, that are just weird and over edited, that's when I know it's time to stop editing photos and go get my work done haha.

Today for stopping by my blog I added a word to your vocabulary AND showed you some pretty pictures.  See, procrastination is good for something!  Hope you enjoyed a peek into one of the many ways I personally put off doing any type of work :) (Others include: recipe searching, blog reading, baking, eating...)

Struggling with procrastination for real?

Procrastination is something I honestly struggle a bit with.  Not with relatively little tasks like cleaning or homework, but with large tasks/lifestyle changes, like assembling a portfolio or losing weight.  These large tasks, for me, are always something that "can be done tomorrow".  Overall lifestyle changes being the hardest.  Example my weight loss after freshman year of college was somewhat drastic only because I had put it off for sooo long (uhh like since freshman year of high school). I'd say to myself "I'll eat this cookie today and start working out tomorrow". 

Whether or not you seriously struggle with procrastination or just procrastinate every now and again I urge you to read this blog post from zenhabits

Or just read the blog, seriously.  This blog is one of the best blogs I have ever read, the author, Leo Babauta, only posts about 5-10 times per month.  But every new post is like a chapter out of a book about how to make your life amazing and have all your wildest dreams come true. 

Want more? Lucky for you Babauta has a book as well, focus, you can buy it for about $35...or you can get the low impact lifestyle friendly book and download it for FREE.  I just downloaded it today, and will most definitely be reading it in my free time.   

How do you procrastinate?

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