Monday, November 29, 2010

It's a Problem.

Remember my post about phocrastination?

Remember how you probably thought I was a huge nerd because I made up a word to describe my procrastinating habits?

Remember how yesterday I spent time making a collage instead of doing my homework? No? Well I do.  Here's the proof that my phocrastination is really becoming a debilitating habit, and is a justifiable word in my procrastinating universe.

I now have a Spanish test to study for, a paper to finish writing, a power-point presentation to finish, an art show reception to plan, a tear and install at the gallery and about 2-3 hours of figure drawing to catch up on.  Ohh yeah and a whole lotta my time needs to be spent in the ceramics studio this week + weekend.

See ya when I have time to catch my breath!

P.S. Happy 23rd birthday to my big brother Sam!!

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