Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Absolute Faves

Alright because I have been living off scrambled eggs, mega salads, and leftovers I really have no interesting food pictures to show you.

Well, unless you consider my coffee drenched Spanish book food?  Yeah definitely not getting my $100 back for that book, slightly depressing.  At least I rocked part 2 of my Spanish test today! Wish me luck on the LPE (Language Proficiency Exam) Writing test tomorrow!

But back to the problem at hand with no interesting food in my life today thus no interesting pictures how am I supposed to reward you for stopping by my corner of the internet?

Interesting opinions!  Remember how this blog has "fashionista" in the title...well I'm going to try and live up to the name right now.  Recently I made a playlist on my iTunes titled "Absolute Faves".  Guess how many absolute faves I have? 503 songs.  That's 1.2 days of music.  And it makes for one fantastic playlist, that I have been listening to all week.

Coffee drenched Spanish book? No problem, listen to some absolute faves.  Minnesota weather strikes again with some lovely wind burn on my face and a bruised rear from slipping on the ice? No problem, blast some absolute faves.  Showing up an hour early to class by accident? No problem, blog about my absolute faves.

So now I am going to share with you my musical tastes, no I am not going to give you a list of 503 songs that I personally think you need to listen to RIGHT NOW.  I am going to give you a list of some pretty solid albums that I have been playing on repeat.

Oh and before I get started, if you haven't before (and have the same musical tastes as me) check out Pitchfork for the latest and greatest music or I Guess I'm Floating for some more underground tracks.

XX by XX
Favortie Tracks: Islands and Heart Skipped a Beat.

Crazy for You by Best Coast
Favorite Tracks: Boyfriend and I Want To

The Suburbs by Arcade Fire
Favorite Tracks: The Suburbs and Modern Man

Beach Fossils by Beach Fossils
Favorite Tracks: Daydream and Sometimes

Ellipse by Imogen Heap
Favorite Tracks: Bad Body Double and First Train Home

And because those 5 albums just made my music tastes seem way too sophisticated here are my recent Top 40 Hits obsessions.  Hey, everyone has guilty pleasures right?  Don't Judge.

Kesha- We R Who We R
Katy Perry- Teenage Dream or Firework
Flo Rida- Club Can't Handle Me Right Now

Alright I succesfully have used up an hour of my time between Facebook and Blogging, I think I will call that a great success.  Time to go learn about some Ancient Art History from my ancient professor. (One time I looked up from a major doodle I was drawing in class to see him babbling on about a picture of a pile of rocks.  Sometimes I really wonder why art history is required.)

Happy Hump Day!  I know I'm celebrating...

What is you favorite song/artist/album?  Any guilty pleasures?

P.S. Just realized I forgot one guilty pleasure...Far East Movement- Like a G6

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