Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snow Topped

Let's just be real about my eating habits and cooking skills lately...

I caused a flood trying to make coffee yesterday morning.

Yes that is an electrical cord drenched in water.  You know your having a rough time when even coffee is hard to make.

I then proceeded to snack on the cheerios my roomates must have busted into Friday night...probably at around 2 am.  Thanks girls!

After an orange and some girl talk I was off to, yes you guessed it, the studio.

If you didn't already know, it snowed a little bit here in MinneSNOWta.  It's been awhile since Minnesota lived up to it's nickname.  I wish I still skied frequently so I could actually enjoy the snow.  These days snow just isn't as much fun.  But I still love looking at it :)

When it snows in Minnesota your car usually ends up looking like that...

And then you have to drive on roads like those...snow tires are a must.

It snowed so much that snow stuck to the SIDE of the trees.  That would be thanks to the intense wind that whipped the snow against everything.

Even the dead flowers are snow topped.

Slushhh my worst enemy.  Uggly boots DO NOT protect against the slush.  I think I may need to invest in some extreme winter boots...

Campus just looks cold and iced over. Brrrrrrrr!

Icicles!  I wish I had a telephoto lens to get a close up of those beauties.  Yes my obsession with water droplets extends to frozen ones as well.

Downtown Minneapolis :)  One of these days I'll treat you to some pictures of the city...even though I'm not the best at photographing anything man-made...

That is the Mississippi has already snowed so much you can't even see it anymore!  Even the strong river current can't bust up that thick layer of snow.

Not even the freezing cold could stop me from my photo nerd self.  I had to play with aperature a little frost bitten hands haven't let me forget this moment yet.

Looks like those benches will be out of commission until spring time...

I think it's time to put the bike in storage as well.

Snow covered boots- seriously the walk to studio was intense.  I got a TON of work done in the studio yesterday...but I still feel super behind and unprepared for FINALS WEEK.  Ahhh nervous.  I promise you in about 2 weeks I will be back to posting food related posts more often!  This semester has just been a little intense, I'm usually busy with school/work for about 9-10 hours per day...which leaves me little motivation to come home and cook up fabulous dinners.  Well and usually b the time I get home it's dark out so I wouldn't even be able to take pretty photos...I really need to make a light box!!

Alright I'm off to a quick visit to the Rec order to keep my sanity!  Happy Sunday I hope you are enjoying the last hours of weekend :)


  1. SOOOO glad you found my blog! I love having fellow MN bloggers! I come to the cities quite often, to shop of course :-) Downtown Minneapolis is so much fun, I am jealous you go to school down there. You guys have actually gotten more snow than we have up north which is unusual. Hang in there--finals week will be over with before you know it!

  2. I think we need to have a Minnesota Blog get together! Thoughts??