Monday, December 20, 2010

When it rains...

This weekend I got some stuff stolen, my wallet to be specific. I never realized how much my life depends on having a debit card, buss pass, and Univeristy ID/Drivers Liscense. Needless to say I was feeling a little violated and pitying myself (Oh yeah the screen on my phone also broke at the same time which made it very difficult to sort things out...) it just felt like too many unfortunate things were happening at once.  In essence it felt like the universe was monsooning on my life.  Yeah, I know I can be dramatic sometimes. ;)  So I made up a (realllly cheesy) quote that both let me pity myself, but also gave me some hope.  Amazingly enough someone found my wallet and returned it to me!  You know what it reminded me of?

The beautiful sight of a rainbow and the wonderful smell of the Earth after a fresh rain.

So here's to looking forward, because at the moment Karma is on my side ;)

Just messing around with fonts was pretty cathartic for me, and then weirdly enough as soon as I was about done I figured out my wallet was found.   Although I had a very happy ending I definitely learned from this experience and will be MUCH more careful in the future and appreciate all the stuff I have.  Live and learn my friends.

Also I couldn't really decide which version of the quote I liked here's the other version with a very sliiiiight variation.  I think the first one is better ;)

Alrighty back to studying I go! I've got 2 critiques and 2 tests to go, I can doooo it!

Do you like the rain? And the earthy smell that comes about after a good rain?

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