Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I miss my camera.

I miss my camera, I miss my camera, I miss my camera, I miss my CAMERA!!!  Jeez I never realized how much I use my camera to take stupid pictures throughout the day.   I will definitely appreciate the boredom killing skills of my lil' Nikon as soon as I charge those batts back up...


Anywho this is my roommate Ed and her bf.  Pretty cute huh?  I took this picture last summer on a Holga camera, well actually these are two separate photos that I fused together.  I originally had a different vision but the pics didn't turn out quite as I expected.  Even though this final product is a little pixelated (if I had scanned these photos differently I could have avoided that...but the negatives are in Mpls and I am not...) I still like this picture.  A little hippie, a little vintage, overall pretty precious.  Glad I finally got around to editing this picture :)


And does this one even need an explanation? I think not.

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