Saturday, December 11, 2010

All The Little Things

Confession: I love this coffee mug.  Beyond belief.  Every time I see it in the cupboard I grab it quick before any of my roomies can and savor every sip of coffee from it.

Lately because I have been so stressed I have been all about savoring the little things.  Finding my favorite coffee cup waiting for me in the cupboard this morning was a little victory that I definitely savored.

Coffee cups like this filled with my favorite beverage make it easy to think about all the good things in here are some little things I've been savoring lately....

Coffee Every Morning.  Tastes so amazing and gives me energy, I just keep on chugging it.  Really I went through a 12 oz. bag of coffee grounds in about a week and a half.  It was a medium roast, does that make it ok to drink that much coffee?

Missing the Bus.  Seriously, it's the best thing ever.  One day I missed two buses, yes two, they roared right on past me as I waited on the other side of the street for the light to change to walk.  What's so great about this?  I got to listen to about 2-3 more songs on my iPod while I waited for another bus.  Or maybe I just replayed the same Girl Talk song 3 more times...definitely savored it.  (Free Download of Girl Talk's new CD)

Walking to Class.  Way better than riding the bus.  No crazy people talk to me, it smells nicer and I control the speed so I know I'll never be late because of some crazy event going down on the bus.  But mostly I am loving walking to class because it's been snowing a bunch in Minneapolis, but not in the usual Minnesota sleet windstorm way.  Lately it has been snowing these big fluffy floaty flakes that land on your face and melt slow.  So lovely, Minneapolis has become an urban winter wonderland.  

Not Having a Car.  Those snowflakes I just described? Yeah, they turn into black ice disguised by fresh layers of flakes which in turn make driving terrifying.  Oh and I don't have to worry about my car getting towed due to an emergency snow removal.

Procrastinating.  Ever heard of StumbleUpon? Warning don't click the link if you ever want to accomplish anything ever again in your life.  That being said I am really loving all the random stuff I have been "stumbling upon" on the internet lately.  I edited my preferences so I usually only get music, photography, or healthy food related results.  Awesome.

Final Projects. (just to be clear I am saying projects NOT finals as in tests those I am not savoring at the moment) Being an art major makes final projects very interesting.  In my drawing class we had to write a paper about our relationship with our body, and now we have to draw a self-portrait exploring this theme.  Very interesting and thought provoking.  I have been enjoying thinking about this project randomly throughout my days, I hope it turns out well.  Don't worry there will probably be a post dedicated to this self portrait once I start finish this project!  

Not Having Enough Time. To exercise frequently, eat healthy enough, or blog.  Makes me REALLY appreciate these activities, I don't think I will ever take them for granted again.

So what's the moral of the post?  All of the things on this list are things I could whine about.  Drinking coffee in mass quatities is most likely horrible for me. Missing the bus, walking to class, not having a car, procrastinating, final projects, and not having enough time can all be stressful and very frustrating at times.  But it really helps to take situations that are easy to see negatively and find the amazing positives.  

After all whats the point in living life if you're just going to go through it bitterly?

Sorry to say your life is never ever going to be EXACTLY how you want it.  So let the little frustrations go, it'll feel like lifting a ton of bricks off your shoulders.  Instead of letting all the little frustrations add up in your life, look at them in a new light and let all the little victories add up. 

Because in the end all the little things add up to one big thing.  

One big thing called happiness that is.

What little things are you savoring in your life today?


  1. I really love this post! It's always better to look at the bright side of things..even in the dead of winter. We have -17 right now, but hey, I am thankful I have a warm house to be in!

  2. oh there is something about that perfect coffee mug - I'm savoring getting to share donated gifts with a family who really appreciated it!