Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hi. Missed you baby.

Well it seems my winter slump is over, my creative juices might be back, but really I just miss this blog.

I stopped blogging because I was at a crossroads.  I love healthy eating- but a blog devoted completely to my eating habits just wasn't for me.  It stressed me out and made me feel like I had to invent new recipes all the time for the blog or at least eat interesting things for the blog.  Well what I found out is that I go through fits and spurts with food creativity and healthiness- and when life got busy my eating looking like this:
Breakfast: Oatmeal or scrambled eggs.
Lunch: Salad, quinoa type dish, or banana + granola bar.
Dinner: Scrambled eggs, canned soup, salad or quinoa.

Oh then there was the weekends...eating out and delivery pizza ruled those!  Kinda regrets though ;)

Ok so my diet has been either boring or awful lately- not blog worthy.  As for working out I have started running again since Minnesota decided to de-freeze for a week...but as I type this the wind is whipping outside...looks like I'm back to gym workouts or let's be honest here skipping gym workouts.

Being environmentally friendly? Umm when those nice farmers markets down the street from my apartment disappeared along with the extra free time of summer so did my will to soak my garbanzo beans overnight and then cook them for an hour and then food process them into hummus...instead of just cracking open a plastic container of pre-made delicious hummus.  Needless to say packaged food has made a reappearance in my life, oh and I killed all my indoor plants.  Ooops!

All hope is not lost though!  I am still a health nerd...for life.
- I turned in my application for the BFA program which means I am a lot less STRESSED (still waiting to hear back on whether or not I am accepted)

- I have signed up for multiple running races this summer- YUS! 
- I have signed a CSA work share with a farm in Minneapolis! I spend eight hours a month working on a farm and in return I get free veggies from June-October- WIN for my health, my budget AND the environment! (I am planning on biking to the farm as well)

I have a new direction for blog:
And that is to have NO direction.  I will no longer feel the need to constantly post about healthy eating on a daily basis or make art on a daily basis- that's stressful to me.  I like blogging because I am just like every other narcissistic twenty-something and I think my opinions and thoughts need to be heard.  SO what to expect then? Well healthy food, workouts, fashion, music, tumblr inspiration pictures, inspiring quotes, art, photography and a little bit more reality and a little bit more ME. (As in I am not a perfect healthy/budget savvy/environmentally friendly person and the blog needs to reflect that).  This blog is about me, and MY ATTEMPTS to be a Low Impact Fashionista.  The blog exists simply because I like writing and over sharing on a regular basis, and that is enough.  Hopefully someone reads it, and if not, well, that's slightly depressing but at least I'll have a record of myself. ;)

So with that I will pick up where I left off- with an updated view of my portfolio.  Laugh with me here at just HOW MUCH it has changed from the last one I posted.  The main change? From mixed media to solely photography, my true love :)

P.S. Sneeeeaaaaaak Peak- Another push for me to start blogging again? My upcoming vacation the the South by Southwest Festival! I felt the need to document the experience, and the festival has a HUGE focus on social media, making me feel the need to re-engage.  I figured, since I missed the blog anyways, now as good of a time as any to start it back up again.  At least I'll have some really fun stuff to blog about in the upcoming week- making for a great kickoff! (Err well I doubt I'll have time to blog during the festival but afterwords...!)

BUT more about SXSW later I think this post is reaching epic novel proportions...sorry it's been awhile and I've got a lot to say!

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