Sunday, March 20, 2011

SXSW Going Green?

Whaaat ooooh what could it be?

Was that a yo-yo??!

My favorite piece...

It's SWAAAAAG. StuffWeAllGet. Catch that Office reference?

SXSW supposedly went green this year...but I still got all this swag and I even adamantly rejected pieces of paper.  For some reason I ended up shoving all this stuff into my bursting suitcase and bringing it home. 

SXSW didn't give out a huge swag bag when you picked up your badge at check in this year, which makes a big difference. But the whole idea of a massive festival "going green" is kind of funny to me, since having a massive conference that draws a ton of people from all over the world is about the least "green" thing you can do.  Think of all the flights, gas, electricity for the bands, packaging for all the fast food consumed...etc. etc. etc.

Even though SXSW went green, the bands/companies/anyone trying to market themselves did not.  If you were walking around anywhere on 6th street in Austin during SXSW (the main drag of concert venues) there were plenty of paper/cds/juuuunk shoved at you.

And posters literally covered every possible surface.

This swag bag proves one thing for sure, although it seems like internet, social media, and electronics are taking over...

Print's not dead...or at least not yet ;)

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