Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Portfolio

Finally I broke the rut of winter break lazy, yay for having a camera charger again! Instead of creating more, I decided to document what I have already created and photograph my art work (mainly my ceramics) for my portfolio.

#1 goal for winter break? COMPLETED!

So here is my portfolio for my application to the Bachelor of Fine Arts program. I still need two more I'm just trying to figure out what photographs to use from my extensive collection haha. I think all of these pieces will make the final cut...but the portfolio isn't due until March 8th. I'm sure once the deadline nears I will freak out and completely change this portfolio. But for now here are 10 of my favorite pieces from 2010 and if you follow this blog you've already seen all the photography pieces I'm considering to add :)

Self-Portrait, Charcoal, 2010

5ft x 6ft Abstract Drawing, Charcoal, 2010

Anti High Fructose Corn Syrup, Stoneware, 2010

Dualistic Nature of Life, Stoneware, 2010
Sacred, Stoneware, 2010

Creature, Stoneware, 2010

Navajo Jug, Stoneware, 2010

Anti-Craft Octopus Jug, Stoneware, 2010
Laundry from Modern Day Laura Ingalls Wilder Series, Digital Print, 2010

Guitar from Modern Day Laura Ingalls Wilder Series, Digital Print, 2010

Seriously what a relief to have this portion of the application process done!  I just realized I still have to measure all my pieces...I think I'll save that for tomorrows to-do list.  I'm going to celebrate being somewhat done with this application anyways!

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  1. Wow--these are all absolutely amazing! So have a great portfolio put together. Thanks for sharing! :-)